Empowering businesses to be better without sacrificing growth.

Creating planet-positive and socially impactful products can help grow your business by decreasing costs, expanding to new markets, and creating loyalty.


How We Lead

Consumers and investors alike are searching for companies and products that leave a positive social and environmental impact. Cannabis is ripe for development in Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Shared Value Creation: Companies that authentically adopt these approaches can attract capital and increase revenues by expanding to new markets and launching innovative products. We understand the complexities and harsh realities of the cannabis industry. We will lead you through process of evaluating, improving, and disclosing your impact so you can lead by example.

Basic Sustainability Assessment

We conduct a sustainability assessment designed for SMEs to quantify their environmental impact and provide guidance for improvement that won't break the bank.

Business Meeting

Stakeholder Identification & Prioritization

We will lead you through a comprehensive workshop that helps you identify stakeholders that have traditionally overlooked, underrepresented, or historically harmed. We'll perform outreach and engagement that is designed to create a collaborative and supportive relationship.


Purpose Creation

Beyond your mission and vision, what is your purpose for being? Purpose-driven companies attract investment, have clarity on environmental and social impacts, and represent the next generation of capitalism. We can help you and your leadership discover and codify your purpose.

Business Meeting

Social Return on Investment

If you've wondered what your social impact is, from your employees to your philanthropic spend, we can help you quantify and report on how exactly your company and products contribute to the community.

Homework Help

Life Cycle Assessment

Enhance your understanding of the environmental impacts your product creates, from cradle to grave. As you improve your impact in these areas, you can quantify your environmental impact and report on positive aspects of your product to attract consumers and build loyalty.

Collaborating at Work