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Community Based Growth | The Apical Cohort

Work together with the support of other cannabis companies and a panel of experts to become more inclusive, socially responsible, and sustainable.

The cohort is Peer-to-Peer Network empowering cannabis businesses to act on their values and shape the cannabis industry. 

The cohort is a safe supportive space for cannabis companies to develop a culture around inclusivity, sustainability, and social responsibility. We take the guesswork out of where to start, and reduces the financial commitment in seeking out expertise.

Business Meeting
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Networking Event

18 Hours of Expert Advice

You will have exclusive access to a curated group of subject matter experts in governance, social responsibility, and sustainability.
The cohort has dedicated support from experts in crafting policy, and addressing implementation roadblocks. Together we’ll workshop your ESG plans in a risk and commitment free manner.

3 Custom Implementation Guides

Our cohort will discuss and prioritize the biggest issues facing our industry and decide what we will tackle together as a team. Our first session will focus on creating a shared commitment to values.
Apical provides custom guides addressing these issues, providing structure needed to get started.

Multiple Delegates

Apical creates enrichment opportunities for many people in your organization, maximizing your chances for success.
Three delegates can attend the cohort, each representing a specific stream that will build upon and expand their current experience in governance, sustainability, or social responsibility.